CudSpan Site

Welcome to the new CudSpan site. Here is where you can find all things WEB to do with Chris Despopoulos.

I use this site to deliver CudSpan tools, which are used internationally
to augment FrameMaker in a number of ways. I have made tools to integrate
FrameMaker with XML systems, streamline publications processes, or add new
features to the FrameMaker GUI.

Friends and family can log in to access musical recordings and other personal goodies.

The 4D Pubs examples show Dynamic Dita Document Display publications. They read native DITA on the server, and transform it into HTML on the fly. The goal is to ultimately deliver this as an open source framework that anybody can use. An extended version of this framework is currently implemented as part of the help system for VMTurbo Operations Manager. The proprietary extension dynamically filters content by user profile, and it implements context-sensitive help in an Adobe Flash application. The point is, this framework is currently part of a real-world solution.

I presented this framework at UA Europe 2013. The following examples show that the framework can sit on top of other DITA directory structures. This is a work in progress. I'll post other examples as DITA support increases.

Note: These examples are best viewed in Firefox, Chrome, or Safari browsers.

Enjoy this site. I hope you get some value out of your visit.


4D Pubs Examples...