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CudSpan Project Management

Welcome to the CudSpan project management site. Use this site to track project progress, maintain discussion threads, view project specifications, and accept deliverables. Along with emails and phone conversations, this site should add to the full and open lines of communication that are so important for project success.

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NOTE: I have refactored the site to account for security blunders on my part. I believe the site is more secure now, but I'm surely not issuing a challenge to anybody. I'm just trying to perform due dilligence. Unfortunately, one result of the refactoring is that I have backed out some features of the site. This is just a matter of spare time, or the lack of it. Trying to execute a function that isn't implemented will take you back to the login screen.

I've also tried to solve the back-button problem. I try to notice when you go back to a stale transaction, and return you to the most recent GET state. This is to keep the system from adding to the data just because you click the back button. It's not a security scheme, and I'm sure it can be hacked. But there's no real value in doing that. But I have to warn you that it isn't completely worked out yet. This transaction management is also the source of the noise you will see at the top of the page.