CudSpan Plug-Ins

FreeWare Tools

The CudSpan FreeWare tools do things I found to be useful. I implemented these tools for myself, then decided to share them with the FrameMaker community. I hope you find them useful, too.

Why use tools with FrameMaker? Very often an author's time is taken up with repeated tasks that could be automated. Examples include:

If you find yourself repeating the same steps, then you should stop a moment and imagine a tool to do the work for you. It might be a time-saver that you comission to make your department more efficient than ever. If it's simple enough, I might be able to implement it and add it to the freeware list.


You can download these tools and use them freely, and freely give them to other people. You are prohibited from selling these tools, or distributing them as though they are your own inventions. You are prohibited from reverse engineering these tools or using any other techniques to discover how they function and then use that discovery in your own inventions.

You agree to use these tools at your own risk. While CudSpan does its best to develop tools that are bug-free and cause no harm, you are responsible for any and all damage or harm that may result from your use of these tools.