Baroque Music

Chris Despopoulos

Baroque Minimalism

Such a term immediately comes across as an oxymoron. But that's what I'm looking for here. Whether or not I found it -- whether or not it seems sadly and overly pretentious, I hope you enjoy these recordings.

April 16, 2011:
For the sake of argument, added recordings with a bordon on the D string. I tried to record and play them the same as the versions that are recorded without bordones.

Now you can find the complete Sonate en Ottavo Tuono (Suite 1 in G Major) from the Capricci Armonici Sopra La Chitarra Espagnola, by Ludovico Roncalli. It includes Preludio, Allemanda, Corrente, Gigua, Sarabanda, and Gavotta. This is yet-another recording that uses fully re-entrant tuning. I post it here for your enjoyment (or not, if that's how it affects you) -- warts and all. Oh, and there are warts.

Added new recordings to the Guitar player -- they're mostly in the same key, and they're all rather subdued (and of course, far from perfect). Hope it's not too monotonous... It's just the mood for the day. But this is yet more music recorded in a fully re-entrant tuning. An interesting note for the Fuga 1 by Sanz... I found it necessary to add a G on the higher octave in a few instances. So I'm not playing it as written.

Baroque Guitar - No Bordones:

Baroque Guitar With Bordon on D:


Modern and Other Abominations: